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Swimmer's Shoulder?

I have a nagging pain in the top portion of my left shoulder that proceeds to my neck. I'm not if this classifies as Swimmer's Shoulder or not. If so, how can I rest the injury but maintain some kind of swim workout? Your wisdom please?????

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Mine's hurting too. I

Mine's hurting too. I rested it for a week, and that helped, but it still feels like sandpaper in there. I've decided to keep working through it unless it starts REALLY hurting. Hopefully, if I listen to it, I'll be able to keep it calmed down enough to keep going. I assume you've tried icing it?

For the long term, I've always found low-level free weights to be the best way of strengthening ligaments. I spent a lot of time doing that sort of thing this offseason and have avoided injuries this season (for the most part), especially in my knees where I'm prone to getting them. That, along with ice and a commitment to taking it slow as I increase mileage/yardarge has been the best thing I've done.

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if it's really nagging, i'd

if it's really nagging, i'd take a week off of swimming and let things heal (and generously ice and take ibuprofen).

If it is just a small twinge, you can take some of the intensity off of your shoulders by wearing a pair of fins or zoomers. the power your kick gains from the fins will propel you along with less upper body work. take that time to really work on your form (since injuries often are a result of bad form).

but, in the long run, listen to your body. ignoring a small twinge now could result in complete time off in a month if you're not careful.

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That sounds more like your

That sounds more like your trap than your rotator cuff?? I've pulled my trap before swimming, horrible pain from my neck to my arm. I wouldn’t try and swim for awhile and ICE constantly. Try to keep your neck, arms and back as loose as possible… everything is connected. If you get in the pool, kick on your front or back with you arms to your sides only. Streamlines and kickboards can be very aggravating to a hurt shoulder.

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any other suggestions as far

any other suggestions as far as what I should do in the water? Working with the fins always seems to be a positive. The other day I used a kick board and performed drills but it kind of got a bit boring.

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