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Amino Acids vs Protein Shakes: Which Would Be Better?

I'm currently supplementing with protein shakes but have been reading about using amino acids instead. I know that the shakes contain some of the aminos but there's a lot of empty calories packed in there too. I do take them partly to maintain weight because I shed too much weight in my first season so I'm trying to be very cognizant of my nutrition and weight this year. Are the shakes just too much protein for my body to absorb post-workout? Would the aminos be better or is there something better that I should be considering?

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Start making your own

Start making your own shakes. That will eliminate the "empty" calories. Only calories in your shakes are the ones you want there.

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I say yes to aminos.

I say yes to aminos. Especially Branched Chained (BCAA's). I use BCAA's after long workouts to help recovery and they work great for me. I would use them everyday but it's too expensive. I also load with them pre-race because they slow down the rate of muscle fatigue. I will even use them mid race this year during my half irons to see what kind of results I can get from them.

Protein shakes are ok but unfortunately there aren't many "balanced shakes" (protein vs carb) out there, so I use a scoop of protein shake powder with milk and frozen fruits and sometimes chocolate syrup to help balance it out. Don't cheat yourself out of your carbs!

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I know a lot of people use

I know a lot of people use whey protein, but that is what has all the extra stuff in it with tons of calories, not particularly healthy, and lacking amino acids. Check out soy protein or specifically a protein powder derived from Spirulina. It's a type of algae that happens to be a "complete protein" meaning that it contains all the amino acids available in what we think of as protein. I get it from VitaminWorld around here but I'm sure you could find it at your local vitamin/health food shop or certainly on the internet. Not too expensive either. Do some research of your own, I dabbled in some really unpleasant tasting liquid aminos a couple years back. This seems to be a much better tasting alternative supplement. Good luck finding what's right for you.

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I love discussions like

I love discussions like this, and I hope I can be of help.

The answer to your question about protein depends on the brand of protein you are using. Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex is the best protein money can buy (bodybuilding.com to get it cheap). It has no empty calories - it's all protein - AND Branch Chain Amino Acids - and is very easy to mix. It's a blended protein, so you get a more complex and better absorbed amino acid profile from the protein - it's egg albumin, whey, some milk casein, and it contains digestive enzymes so that it is very easily digested.

A half serving is 25g of protein, and contains plenty of BCAAs. A half scoop also mixes very well with your favorite electrolyte and carb drink (Endurox R4 is mine) to make a very effective post-training drink. Try it out, it's definitely worth it.

Believe me, after training, you need both Amino Acids and full blown protein. While glutamine is very important, the stress you are putting on your body calls for ALL the amino acids that are found in complex proteins in order to fully repair while minimizing muscle catabolism.

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Both are equally required

Both are equally required after the workout. it increase your metabolic rate which keeps you to feel better after the workout. it also depends on the brands of the whey protein supplements like 100% whey protein, dymatize elite protein is good. muscletec amino, bcca amino and many other brands are good.

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