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anyone know where to buy a cheap 700c rear wheel and shimano cassette

I am looking to buy a cheap rear wheel and shimano cassette to make a designated trainer tire. Anyone have one they are not using and would like to sell?

You should be able to get one from your LBS if you dont about care about quality a steel wheel and low end cassette should not run much more than fifty dollars.

I have a shimano cassette that I am not using. PM me with more information on what you are looking for. I have to get it out of my storage shed. I can look at it tomorrow.

copmatibility will be an issue, check probikekit.com compatibility website, also the age of your chain is of concern.
I tried only doing my MTB chain and it made it worse i then had to go and get a new cassette as it was so worn out.
If the chain is half worn it will quickly wear away what cassette you through at it.

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