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Fitting a Giro Advantage 2

Hi people!

Have been out of the forum for a while.

I just got a Giro Advantage 2 as a Christmas present and would like to know if any trifuelers that own this helmet could give me some advice.

The helmet came in medium (as my current regular giro is) but when I put the aero 2 on is hard to pass my ears to the right place. I have to adjust them and they turn red when I put it off. I feel it would be hard to put on in T1.

The inner part of the helmet fits perfect, it even has enough room for adjusting the helmet to a bigger head the problem are my ears.

Is this normal???? Or should I exchange it for a Large???

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You probably want to err on

You probably want to err on the side of too small because otherwise you've got air-catching pockets next to your ears. I put mine on almost over my face and then rotate back, so you're pushing against your ears from the front rather than the top. I also put an extra dab of gorilla glue on the corners of the ear flaps because otherwise it WILL start to tear there. If you ever see the helmet in a shop it always has little tears there and gets pretty bad after just a couple uses.

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I just got a large today, my

I just got a large today, my normal Bell is a Medium, but I am right on the edge of the medium/ large size. It is a tight fit getting it on, but as long as it is not irritating your ears when it is on your head, you should be good to go.

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I find it's easier to get

I find it's easier to get the helmet on if I pull it forwards starting at the back of my head and rotate it kinda down. As we saw in Kona 2007 (Macca) you can waste a bit of time fiddling with an aero helmet so like all aspects of transition it's something you need to practise. There was a pro (I think Normann, he wears an advantage 2) who had the buckle over the earflap due to not getting it on quite right. Chances are you can do it just about as quickly with practise but you'll definately have to focus and concentrate on it while doing so.

Like everyone has said, get it to fit your head when on, don't size up!

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it was
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thank you guys!!!! I will

thank you guys!!!!

I will practice then!!! Or in the worst case scenario I will have to go to a Vet and have my ears cut smaller :D .

I'll try to post more in 2009.

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The sizing chart for he

The sizing chart for he helmet shows as:
* Small - 51-55cm; 20-21.75 inches
* Medium - 55-59cm; 21.75-23.25 inches
* Large - 59-63cm; 23.25-24.75 inches
I gotta measure better than I did with a paper ruler, but I think my head is a bit over 24". Anyone know if the listed measurements are good? My head's not that huge. I can't believe I'd be nearly out of a large.

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We sell the Giro Advantage 2

We sell the Giro Advantage 2 and I have raced in one for 2 years. Their sizing chart is accurate. The helmet is a TT race helmet, it should be a tight fit but should not cut off circulation to your ears. I have a pin head - 52 and the small is VERY fitted, but not constricting. Giro has great CS, you should give them a call and communicate your concerns, they should get you into the right fit. Although not everyone can wear the helmet, depends on the shape of your noggin. Some heads are rounded which fit Bell better and ovals fit Giros. You could always look into other Alien Stylin' brands, IE Louis Garneau or Rudy Project.

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