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My Story

I've just completed my second year of triathlon and have grown a real big passion for it. I started the sport to regain control of my life after losing my mother to cancer. At the same time, I wanted to continue her legacy by inspiring others the way she inspired me. I want to share my story, so I hope this link touches someone out there. If you could, please start from the beginning. Only 2 posts but somewhat long! Thanks!


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Good job on the HIM! You

Good job on the HIM! You will do better on the run next race. I am very sorry about your mom.
My oldest brother past away in 2000 and my mother in 2005 so i feel for you. Before a race
i talk to them and i know they are there with me thru the whole race. You seem like a very
driven young man and spirtual. God Bless and Good luck to you!

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Amazing story. It's

Amazing story. It's inspiring how EVERY triathlete has their story and no two are alike.

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Congrats on your finish!!

Congrats on your finish!! Good job on turning a tough time in your life into the driving force behine doing something positive. Keep it up. ;-)

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What is the title of the

What is the title of the book you mentioned toward the end?

Well done! Best to you in your writing and in triathlon.

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