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Shoulder Cracking while rotating

I recently starting swimming, about 500-800 meters almost every day for about two months.

I noticed my right shoulder cracking a lot anytime I rotate it, is this normal? It doesn't hurt at all, but it does crack noticeably more than my left shoulder. It may have been doing that even before swimming, but I never really paid attention to it.

I've watched a gazillion videos on freestyle swimming form and think I now have mine down pretty well. High elbows, arms enter water at 45 angle then extend for reach underwater, followed with bent arms during the pull. I also practice bilateral breathing and now trying to include a bit of backstroke and breast stroke for variety.

Does everyone's shoulder crack? I've read up on swimmers shoulder and I'm guess I'm paranoid trying to prevent that from happening.

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My shoulder cracks...but at

My shoulder cracks...but at my age, everything cracks!
My shoulder, however cracked when I was a "ute"...might just be the way you're put together. Keep an eye on it. As long as it's not giving you any problems don't worry.

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I have been competitively

I have been competitively swimming since I was 5 years old. Whenever I take a break from the pool and get back in I have the same issue with my shoulders cracking. From what the orthopedic has told me it is just inflammation in your joint and it may be a little tendonitis. Make sure you are stretching your shoulders really well. Also fish oil supplements can help lube your joints so you aren't cracking so much. Finally, icing it will bring down some of that inflammation. A great way to ice and massage all in one is to take either paper cups or styrofoam cups and fill them 3/4 the way with water then stick them in your freezer. After a workout grab a cup, peel the side down and use the ice block to massage your shoulder. Hope this helps!

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My ankle has been cracking

My ankle has been cracking on me since I was probably 10, any time when I get up from a chair I'm like a box of Rice Krispies, snap, crackle and pop (and only 28). I've heard that the cracking noise is from a tendon just snapping over the bone, nothing is getting hurt. So as long as there's no pain I wouldn't worry too much.

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I have shoulder cracking

I have shoulder cracking when I swim as well but mine is also painfull. I put up with it for about 3 years before I decided to see a doctor and I found out it was arthritis in the AC Joint. For me it even hurts to use my computer mouse. I had to start using my other hand. I will be having surgery to relieve pressure on the joint in about a month. It is better then getting Cortizone shots every 6 months!!
Hopefully yours is nothing too serious but my advice is to watch it carefully and see if you can pinpoint what causes it and where it is happening. If you start feeling pain don't put up with it as long as I did.

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I too had the AC joint

I too had the AC joint surgery - and a rotator cuff repair. But mine wasn't painful - my fingers were tingly.

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