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Triathlon Olympics

Does anyone know when/which channel the Olympics will be on TV or on the internet? I'm having a hard time with the search engine on nbc.com

The women are on at 12:45 AM Monday Morning on NBC, and the Men are on at 12:45 AM Tuesday Morning. There might be replays though...

The Basic Cable version of NBC btw...

My mistake - its actually on the NBC online at 12:45 AM, but is going to be replayed in prime time in the evening on NBC basic cable.

The TV version is going to be a 1.5 hr highlight show that shares time with several other sports, so the coverage will be bouncing back and forth. I'll try to watch online: nbcolympics.com

Yeah, I guess watching it online would be the best idea since I don't have a tv and I'd have to go to a sports bar. 12:45 in what time zone? I'm in MST

Checkout the schedule for the Olympics at cnnsi.com...it will give you every sport and when it will be on....or go online and watch it....but there is a schedule online

It looks like the men's triathlon is going to air on the 19th at 10:00 am Mountain Time (Noon eastern). I couldn't find the women's triathlon on there, but I probably just missed it.

one day before, the 17th

i was watching some of this triathlon olympics on my fancy work internet. and what a beautiful location - even if it is a dam. the tv (internet) coverage is pretty refined as well, nice shot of a waterbird flying over the swimmers.

anyway - i see we've narrowed down when it is to be broadcast in a highlights show but i don't see it listed. has anyone seen it on their local teevee listings?

i could tivo it if i knew which one to tivo.

oh - and what's with all the beach volleyball??

nevermind - i found it. it is on USA - Channel 105 where I come from. on right now. men same time tomorrow.

I actually watched it live online last night. The clarity of the video was amazing, compared to Ironman video for example.

I was rooting for Laura the whole way. So sorry she missed a spot on the podium!

[quote=olivestri]oh - and what's with all the beach volleyball??[/quote]

I think it boils down to attractive women in bikinis.

Can someone please confirm that its going to show on USA tomorrow morning? Their website is just unusable, the java keeps spitting out jibberish.

"What you you get when you suffer? You get results!" - Paul Sherwin

OMG that was amazing... just amazing :) So proud!

Wow!!! Awesome Simon! :)

Anyone know if they'll be replaying the race?? I'd love to see how Jenkins helped him during the bike portion... the strategy of bringing a domestique instead of someone pounding for gold for himself clearly paid off!


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