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Weights for swim specific strength

What muscle groups should I be focusing on to improve my swimming strength?

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There was a good article in

There was a good article in the July 2008 Triathlete Mag (pg 164). The exercises focus on the shoulders, tris and upper back.

1. Standing Lat Pull Down (3 sets of 8 reps)
2. Kneeling Cable pull down (3 sets of 12-15 reps)
3. Rotator Cuff Cable Pull (2 sets of 20 reps)
4. Short Range One arm tricep Extension (2 sets of 20 reps)
5. Overhead Medicine Ball Toss (5 sets. 1 min of back and forth with 45 sec rest between sets)

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Check out Triathlete

Check out Triathlete magazine this month.

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This isn't really weight

This isn't really weight training, but strength training nonetheless.

[url=http://www.triathletemag.com/Departments/Training/2007/Five_exercises_fo... exercises for swim-specific strength[/url]

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In addition to the above, I

In addition to the above, I use this exercise (either with a weights machine or with a resistance band) for the catch and initial part of the pull.

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Gotta love the pull ups.

Gotta love the pull ups. Underhand, overhand, close grip, wide grip...with extra weight, without...
"If you ain't pullin' yer just foolin'"

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pullups and pushups with

pullups and pushups with various hand positions.

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