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Swimming with your obliques

While I was doing my swim workout today (Quick side note - I did a swim, then a bike - can we call that a "swike?") in the midst of my intervals, I noticed that my obliques were really working hard. Add to that - I was swimming PR times. It seemed I figured out how to engage my core muscles to pull with. Felt like it was something very good - curious which lead to which. Did my position lead to good pulling technique - or was I just pulling harder and feeling it?

I don't know if it was your pulling that engaged your obliques as much as your kick and length of your stroke. I think that if you were really staying long and driving hard with each pull you tend to rotate your shoulders which would put you on your side more and would in turn give your obliques a real stretch. This would also kind of explain the good times. Getting into a good rhythm and using all your muscles efficiently to get the best out of what you're doing. Keep it up and get them abs all ripped up.

When I did my swim workout today, I really concentrate on stretching with my reach, and I got the same oblique warmth again. I really felt good, and absolutely shattered my previous interval times - ripping 7 seconds off my 50's interval time. It seems I'm onto something here - my pulls were long and I was definitely rotating better in the water. I also think it was related to keeping my body straight in the water through the pull. It just seemed I was using my core more effectively as part of the stroke.

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