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Sunscreen and wetsuits

Any recommendations for a decent sunscreen that will withstand and not much up my wetsuit?

O/S Talk about extremes ... water temp on race day is predicted to run around 55F, and air temp will be nearing 90F by race finish. Thanks (Mother Nature) for the frigid May and sweltering June.

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I'm not sure if anything

I'm not sure if anything will hold up, you may want to spritz in T2 if your really worried. Some people put on sunscreen just to help with chafing.

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Which race is it? As bhanrah

Which race is it? As bhanrah said, just apply in T1. It will be a half-a** job, I know, so face and shoulders should do the trick. But I doubt you would actually want to use a sunscreen that [b]could[/b] stay on your skin under a wetsuit. If one was that thick, it would probably get imbedded in the neoprene. How long of a race is it?

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