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commuting and gear

I am looking to try commuting to work with rising prices and my ever decreasing time for training why not kill two birds with one stone! Just seeing if anyone out there has experience with commuting and what type of gear they have. I am interested in finding out especially what would work well to keep my clothes from getting wrinkled. Thanks.

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I use one of

I use one of these:


Works well. Then just my DeSoto transition bag as a backpack. Leave the heavy items, like shoes at the office if you can.

Good Luck. Commuting can be a good way to get there and home.

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+1 on the eagle creek pack

+1 on the eagle creek pack bag. I also have a timbuk2 messenger bag in both medium and large. Large is a bit big for me, but works great for a short trip to the grocery store(more can fit in). Hubby is larger and his large bag works great. Its similiar to this only the middle strip is orange(medium) and white (large). Looks like this one replaced it. It works great here where it rains most of the winter, and has lots of pockets and a place to put a blinky light on the back so you can be seen in the dark.

I would typically bring in my towel one day a week or on the weekend if I was running other errands near by, along with bulky food stuff like soup etc. I also kept a couple extra pairs of shoes, and a change of running clothes there too for a noon time run. Some days I would just leave early, and make it a brick then I would simply need to ride home in the evening and my workout would be done and avoid yet another set of sweaty workout clothes to wash. I was lucky enought that I could dress casually in shorts, and flipflops so carrying clothing was easy.

Also kept a space heater under the desk to dry out my shoes etc or hang it all on my spare older cpu under my desk(at least it was good for something ahahaha).

Good Luck! you will totally enjoy it! If I were still working, I would be bike commuting every day. If I ever go back my office requirements are : it is close enough to ride, and there are showers . In my industry(hi-tech) luckily most companies have facilities and are centrally located to where I live.

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+1 on keeping the heavy

+1 on keeping the heavy items like shoes and food at work.

I keep a bag just for shower stuff in a drawer next to my shoes and when I get in, i just drop my panniers and grab my shower stuff and head out. It might be helpful to buy everything you ususally use at home to get ready in the morning and just keep it at work so you always have it and will never forget it!

I use some cheap panniers from nashbar.com to keep my work clothes, bike lock, cell phone...anything you might need. Its also great to have clothes made of wrinkle free fabric so you can roll them up and pack them the night before so it makes the morning transition much faster. That being said, i also pack my lunch the night before and the just strap it to my rack in the morning before I go.

I hope that helps.

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wrinkles will be part of

wrinkles will be part of your attire unless you predeliver your clothes by car. that being said... the best packing tip would be to use the plastic bag that you get with your dry cleaning and lightly roll your clothes neatly before putting them in the bag (just like when you travel by plane). This won't help crispy flat starched shirts, but if you're OK with some creasing, then it works pretty well.

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I commute daily 25km each

I commute daily 25km each way and I detest wearing a backpack. I wear one of those fluorescent vests and have front and rear lights for the darker seasons.

I have a rain cape that I roll up and strap behind the saddle or, when it is cold and I use the MTB which has a rack, then I can use the panniers.

For work I can get away without a suit but I keep a jacket, shirt and tie at the office. Otherwise just a golf shirt and slacks is fine, which I also keep at the office.

Basically I change into cycling clothes for the weather of the day before setting off for home. I have a shower at the office which makes the whole exercise much easier.

Occasionally I will do some laundry at the laundromat near my office and that gear just stays in town.

I've been doing this for two years now at this office location, but have commuted by bike since I was a schoolboy over 40 years ago.


"What you you get when you suffer? You get results!" - Paul Sherwin

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Wish we had a shower at our

Wish we had a shower at our office. Going to tough this one out big time!

My daughters schedule this summer is every other week with her father so when she's gone I'll be commuting. I guess too it's a bit different for a guy with clothing than a girl. I'm just going to put things in a bag pack, work out other way for other weather and stuff like that; roll with it ya know?

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zcowgirl3 wrote:Wish we had

[quote=zcowgirl3]Wish we had a shower at our office. Going to tough this one out big time!

My daughters schedule this summer is every other week with her father so when she's gone I'll be commuting. I guess too it's a bit different for a guy with clothing than a girl. I'm just going to put things in a bag pack, work out other way for other weather and stuff like that; roll with it ya know?[/quote]

No different really. What I did recently when I was in an old building with no shower doing some non profit work, was bring in some of those wipes to clean up when I got in. You can use baby wipes or those cottonelle ones, just throw them in a baggie.

Other things I have done is keep a set of make up at work (since I have enough to start my own counter at
Nordstrom that was easy), and some small sample size perfumes too. It is really very easy. The key is to get organized and plop everything you need at work. I had a locker, but you can put it all in a tote bag and keep it under your desk so when you come in, grab it and go get ready. You can replentish on days you have to drive. Then you just need to carry your days clothes in your back pack, messenger bag etc. I too always made lunch and breakfast the night before and just took that too--but as mentioned before I had a drawer full of food at work that I stocked on days I did not bike or was out running errands.

It is really quite easy and once you start doing it you will love it.

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I've commuted to work for

I've commuted to work for many years, but fortunately I've always worked in places with casual clothes and employee showers. So I haven't had to worry about hair, makeup, and transporting nice clothing. So I can't help you there, but I do know that I love bike commuting and essential items are blinkies, reflective wear, a good rainjacket and pants, and a decent headlight for those early-dark evenings in the fall and winter. I also have a good set of panniers that can hold almost anything including groceries on the way home, so I don't have to put anything really heavy on my back.

Oh, and I got some very heavy duty Armadillo tires and tubes to prevent flats.

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