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fuji aloha cf2

this bike was given to me as a gift and i have a couple questions about it i was hoping someone could answer. everything ive seen about the cf2 says the forks are FC-770 bonded carbonbonded carbon, but my forks say FC-440 monocoque carbon on them. anyone know the difference?

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Looks to be an upgrade--it

Looks to be an upgrade--it would also have a carbon steerer rather than an aluminum one. If you check the specs on Fuji's website for the CF1, which is a much more expensive bike, it has that fork. As far as why that fork is superior, I'll leave to someone else to explain. :)

(I'm predicting you'll hear that it is lighter, stronger and possibly better at dampening road vibration, because that's what is said about all CF upgrades.)

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I think the steerer is the

I think the steerer is the only difference. That's quite a gift by the way. Very nice ride. As for the differences there is probably a little weight advantage to the full carbon, but I doubt there is much difference in the ride quality. The construction of the fork blades plays more of a part than that of the steerer, imo.

My father and I both have Specialized Transitions, his with a full carbon fork, mine with a carbon fork with alloy steerer. His felt a little lighter (till I put on the carbon Visions that my wife gave me for Christmas!) but the ride quality was the same.

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