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Injury to hip/groin?

So, I purchased a new bicycle this past weekend and for the first time i got one with clipless pedals. (I'm newer to this triathlon thing). The guy who sold me ht ebike warned me that I would probably fall the first time out. I did. I wasn't going very fast, I just kind of toppled over and didn't have time to click out of the pedals (or paniced and couldn't remember how) and so i remained clicked in and the bike kind of fell with me twisting onto the ground. I fell onto my left side, I have the scratches to prove it. I didn't notice any pains or anything and rode around the parking lot getting sued tot he bike. The next morning I went for a swim and noticed a little soreness in my left upper leg. I didn't think much of it and went throughout the rest of my day. in the evening I went for a bike ride again and did well. I stopped by my house and put on shoes to go for a short run. As soon as I started running I noticed the sitffness, soreness in my left hip/groin area as well as my knee. I stopped running and stretched for about 10 minutes and started upa gain. The pain came back immedietly. i returned to my house and iced the area. This morning when I woke up, after I had been walking aorund for a while I noticed the pain again. It's like a dull pain in my left hip area. The pain seems to move from my inner thigh/groin area to the outer hip, and occasionally I feel the pain in my knee as well. I picked up some Ibuprofen and IcyHot. I'm going to take the evening off completely. But do you guys have nay ideas on what the injury could be, and any reccomendations for treatment/recovery? I have a 5k I'm supposed to run on March 2. Thanks!

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Not sure, but it sounds more

Not sure, but it sounds more like a bruise than a pull or tear of some kind. I have fallen numerous times exactly as you described, but have never came away with any physical injury, but the ego has been damaged on every occasion. Take a day or two off and see how it feels.

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next time, the shop should

next time, the shop should stick you on the trainer with the new pedals/shoes and make you practice 10 or 20 times...that's bad shop service

did you just bang down? or was there some kind of twisting (think sprains)?

if your pain is coming on after use, as opposed to a continuous pain, it sounds more like the fit of the bike is somehow off or you sprained something.

the bang-up would probably give you continuous reminders no matter what activity you were doing, even just sitting around.

a first bike fit shouldn't give you this kind of trouble. are you confident in the time spent to set you up on the bike? is there anyone you can double check with?

I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy and try again in a few days. If not, get re-fit on the bike.

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Thanks for the help. There

Thanks for the help.
There was some twisitng as I fell. I beleive. It kind of happened quick.

As far as the bike. I actually bought it used off of Craigslist (feel free to yell). I didn't think about the pain possibly coming from the fit of the bike. I'll bring it in to my local shop here to get it set up perfectly.

Also: After I put on the IcyHot, the pain went away immedietly, leading me ot beleve it is indeed muscular.

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I injured my hip similarly

I injured my hip similarly once, it was due to the fit of my bike however and not a fall. Turned out to be my tfl (connected to the IT band) muscle. Icy hot and anti-inflammatory helped, but a foam roller eventually did the trick. Not sure if this would be best for you if it's bruised, etc. though. If you decide the pain isn't from the fall but from the fit, make sure your seat isn't too high or too far forward/aft, this can affect your knee and hip (as it did me).

Check out the injury here.

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Do you htink it's dangeorus

Do you htink it's dangeorus ot continue training if I'm sore in upper leg/knee?

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tallgaloot wrote:Do you

[quote=tallgaloot]Do you htink it's dangeorus ot continue training if I'm sore in upper leg/knee?[/quote]

Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is wrong. So, my advice is to stay off of it until the pain subsides. The fact that you are asking right now, probably means that the pain is bad enough for you to think twice about it. You'll know when the time is right... for now, just get some rest, and make friends with the ice maker.

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Bones heal, how's the

Bones heal, how's the bike???? Just kidding, just kidding. No really, how's the bike?

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The bike's fine. I just

The bike's fine. I just kind of toppled over onto myself. I broke the fall for the bike, so to speak.
Update: I took Wednesday off and THursday I decided to go out for a ride. I took it easy, but this morning I'm feeling a lot of soreness in my hip and upper leg. I made an appointment to see a sports doctor on Monday.

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That is probably the best

That is probably the best move you could make. Just go see the doctor and have him take a look at it. Hopefully it is nothing serious so you can get back out there as soon as possible.

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Even when you take a pedal

Even when you take a pedal fall, the amount of torque you generate can be tremendous. You twist all sorts of things and a bruised hip is no fun either. Injuries take time to heal even small ones...baby it for now and good call going to the Doc.

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