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Anyone planning on racing IM Kansas 70.3?

Its the closest NA IM race to me (still a 10 hour drive) and am thinking about entering. But training through a Colorado winter and trying to get some bike miles in is going to be tough. Am wondering if it is going to sell out like all other IM races do.


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I signed up for it - I live

I signed up for it - I live in Iowa so I won't be doing too much outdoor riding until April

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Kansas has an IM?

Kansas has an IM?

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The sell-out really fast is

The sell-out really fast is for the IM races -- the 70.3 tend to take a bit longer to sell out. The most popular ones do still sell out in advance (I think the CA one sold out about a month ago and is in April) but I bet some of the new ones will be open for a bit longer. Some of them have news posts about how full they are, but it doesn't look like that one does yet. You could also send off an email and see if you could find out how full it is so far. It looks like they don't have too much up on the website yet, and I don't see it on the ironman.com events page since it's info there might have a contact (but I might be missing it).

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I am registered and spoke to

I am registered and spoke to the RD this week. Registration is filling nicely, and slots are still available. This should be a great event, with a closed bike course and race site camping. Should be a pretty tough course also considering the land layout around Clinton Lake. Lots of wind, hills and heat. What else could you ask for?

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So I just entered for

So I just entered for Kansas. Time to start training.

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I'm in too...well almost.

I'm in too...well almost. I've got to get all my holiday spending out of the way before I drop $175 on myself, even if it's for a race.

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