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Rotten, sleazy race directors...




Man, my dad bought a raffle ticket for that car and I'm seriously pissed because it looks like the Challenged Athletes haven't seen a single dime of the money they were supposed to get, either. I hope they put this bozo back in the clink... I do this sport for myself, mostly, but I also like feeling that I'm doing someone else some good. Watch out for this guy's name!

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wow this guy needs some serious counseling. [QUOTE]"I'm not a fraud, I'm just stupid," Jeffrey Kline said. [/QUOTE] ([url]http://www.insidetriathlon.com/news/fea/2398.0.html[/url])

i have to say, the races that i've been to have been well managed, have great support, and everything appears legit. :D

tell me if I am off-base about this, but isn't there a perception that people who are athletic -- into endurance-related sports -- are better than average when it comes to morality? this is entirely ridiculous, but i think the perception exists. because for a triathlon race director to get jailed for fiscal impropriety, it's wierd, and goes against my stereotype of triathlon people. which I consider to be naturally good people :)


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I think you're right about that - but then you and I might be a tad biased, huh? After all, members of MOST groups think their groups consist of generally good people... not that I'm getting into politics in any way here, heavens no, but...

I think that perception is actually part of the reason why everyone seems to totally disappointed by this guy. I mean, Martha Stewart, everyone clucked a little and muttered something about greed, but this Kline person is definitely the recipient of a lot of "Shame on you..." vibes. As he should be, but it's just so UNEXPECTED.

Me, I think I'll make a donation to the charity that the money was supposed to go to in the FIRST place... rebalance the karma a little...

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