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Timberman 70.3



is there a way to see who is attending? or just how many? hmm

I'm in.

Where is everyone staying? I am in a condo in Laconia w my family (wife, 2 boys 11 and 9) between 8/20 - 8/27.

My kids will be doing the Timberkids event - the Timberkids Race is on and being run by NH Make a Wish foundation. I tracked down the organizer (see below for email). Both my boys are going to participate, and I will probably too. It's $20 donation per child, $100 per adult. It's a fundraising charity event, which I think is cool.

John, thanks for the email. Yes, I am the contact for the race. The kids race at 2:00 PM on Saturday Aug 21 - with all proceeds going to The Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire. Chrissie Wellington will be there to hand out medals to the kids - so it's a "can't miss" race. We have created an online registration option to sign up, but you are also welcome to wait to register on site at 1:00 PM at the Make-A-Wish tent at Ellacoya. I've included the registration link below. It takes a few steps to register and create your child as a fundraiser, but it will eliminate the long lines on race day and cost the same. We are expecting several hundred kids to participate. Right now, it's scheduled as a 1K fun run on the race course - with a special Make-A-Wish theme where your child will be running with another child's wish. Please let me know if you have any other questions. You can also see the video of our Mooseman race on the sign up site, but we had horrible weather that day and low turn out. Timberman will be much, much larger.
Chris Reap
Wish Racing Co-Chair
Executive Board Member - The Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire

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