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FYI, if anyone needs any last minute nutrition, accessories, etc or just want to check out the one-and-only, new-and-improved Tri shop in NYC and our unique shop design, we are at 203 W 58th between 7th & Broadway right near the Park and a few blocks from the Expo.

Though some of us are racing, there will be plenty of reinforcements to get people in-and-out with whatever you need in 5 min or less with our Express Checkout (you can time us- we have experience with this). You can also place your order on SBRshop.com, choose In Store Pickup and avoid the lines. The extended hours for the weekend will be 9a-9p Thurs-Sat and Sun 10-6.

As always, bring in your race number and receive a 10% discount on your entire purchase.

Also, feel free to bother us even if you're just looking for local info, directions, advice, race tips, watering holes/grub recommendations, etc. at cs@sbrshop.com, 212.399.3999 or www.sbrshop.com

Good luck and see you out there!

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