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Vineman 70.3



havne't signed up yet, but hoping to do this one as an A race.

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This will be my first half!

Tribro I hope you signed up a while ago because this event is sold out.

Just got in on the standby list. I was number 200-something when I signed up and didn't think I would make it. Whaddya know... I did!

Guess I better start training!!!

13 days to race day. Loved it last year. Make sure you go over the race course. Biggest suggestion no sunglasses.. Ice ran out on the run out to the winery; don't get soaked a the winery.

I've ridden the bike course a couple of times - gorgeous!

No ice?? ACK! I hope they have more this year. Must.have.ice and I'm slow so if they don't have enough I'll suffer.

It was 90 last year by mile 9 on the run.
I'm sure they will- Plan for more.. It truely is fun. Swim is different, brecause your stroke can be shorten by the depth of the river.

It will be 105 here today and up there it will probably be 95 so I'm sure they are thinking 'hmmmm... better make sure we have plenty of ice!" I hope so. I think I'll go run in the heat this week, too although we have air advisory warnings so it's a bit of a crap shoot.

I started at 6:00 this last weekend and it wasn't terrible. I'm doing a brick Saturday closer to the beach w/ the team. I'm really doing it for me, becuase it is hard hill work and a trail run for the run. The bike back will be beautiful. I will be at Vineman Friday night and at the expo Saturday. If you want to hang out with us at the meeting give me a call 951-260-9731. We have a small group of about 10. Kev Daddy too and Tribo.

I'm about out of my mind with excitment about this race - like a little kid. I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've ever actually trained anything close to enough. I could have trained more but I can say with confidence I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm feeling good!

Now if the air would just clear up. It's really nasty here in the Bay Area and I hope it is much cleaner up in Sonoma.

I'm going up Friday and would love to meet up with everyone. Are you going to the 1:00 meeting on Saturday?

Some people from my race club will also be there as well as some 'creepy internet friends' I met through blogging. Good times! So excited. I will definitly take your number with me and call.

I think my check in was 10:30 and most likely at the 1:00. My run will be off, but I'm trying to be positive. I'm excited and nervous. First time is also fun... Please call would love to meet you and see you on the the course!

Drive careful...

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